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1. What is ManSights?
2. Where can I find sites using ManSights?
3. Can I signup without a credit card?
4. Password problems...
5. If you lost, or did not receive your password...
6. Found a bad link?
7. Webmaster questions
8. I would like to cancel my ManSights EXTRA membership


1. What Is ManSights ?

ManSights is an adult verification service. We do not run the adult web sites that use the ManSights service, nor do we control the content of these sites. We are used by webmasters to screen out minors. By obtaining a password, you are stating "I'm over eighteen and can legally view adult material on the Internet."

2. Where can I find sites using ManSights?
Go to our links page for a complete listing of participating sites.

3. Can I signup without a credit card?
No. In order to receive a ManSights username and password, you will need to have a major credit card IN YOUR OWN NAME. The FCC and recent federal COPA (Child Online Protection Act) legislation has shown that by requiring a credit card, we can verify to the webmasters that use ManSights that only legal Adults are accessing their web site.

4. Password problems...

Most username/password combinations will be in the form of:

username = man123456
password = pass123456

The username and password you have received will be in the same format as above, but will use different numbers in place of the "123456". Make sure to use the proper case ("man", not "MAN"), and do not leave a space between the letters and numbers. If you are still having problems with your password, e-mail tech support.

Be sure to include your username and password, and a brief description of the problem.

5. If you lost, or did not receive your password...
If you forgot your username/password, or did not receive one yet, please Click Here with the following information:

  • First ten numbers of credit card used
  • E-mail address used when you joined

  • 6. Found a bad link?
    If you have come across a bad link on our links page, please notify us via e-mail with the web address of the site and the page where you found the broken link.

    7. Webmaster questions
    If you are a webmaster using ManSights on your page, go to Webmaster Forum for the most current information. If you are interested in becoming a webmaster for ManSights, go to our new webmaster page. If you have any questions regarding your web site, contact webmaster support. Include your site id, name of the website, and your name for reference.

    For any other question you may have that are not mentioned above, please contact member support.

    8. I would like to cancel Mansights Extra

    If you no longer wish to have access to Mansights Extra, please cancel your account online by clicking here.

    If there is anything we can do to keep you as a ManSights Extra member, please contact customer support. Please Include your ManSights username, full name, and email address.

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